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Palliative Public Awareness
Palliative Public Awareness

Palliative Care Public Awareness 

Palliative care public awareness is a priority for the institute and aims to increase public understanding of palliative care among Albertans. At its core is the idea that providing the best care possible requires a community-level commitment to Compassionate Communities.

Why public awareness?

A 2016 Ipsos poll revealed that nearly half of all Canadians (42 percent) did not know what palliative care was. This is a problem, because lack of awareness translates to under-utilization of palliative approaches to care.

Despite the many advantages to palliative interventions early after a diagnosis, there remains considerable resistance to early palliative care. This is the result of basic misunderstandings of what palliative care is, namely that it is only for the imminently dying.

The same Ipsos poll found that Canadians overwhelmingly welcome public awareness campaigns around palliative care.

For further information on the Palliative Institute’s public awareness activities, visit our research and grants page.