Covenant Health

Seniors' care

Covenant Health provides care and support to seniors throughout Alberta. Our goal is to ensure the best possible care, in the most appropriate place through senior-focused supports across its spectrum of care. These services include:

  • Acute and continuing care, including long-term care, supportive living, rehabilitation, sub-acute and palliative care
  • Customized care for seniors with dementia
  • An interdisciplinary team approach with patients, residents and their families to support and meet the physical, emotional, spiritual, social and psychological needs of seniors
  • The Network of Excellence in Seniors’ Health and Wellness (NESHW), which brings together the strengths and expertise of those serving an aging population to champion change

Goals of seniors' care

  • Partner with families to incorporate them into the care team
  • Nurture wellness and enhance quality of life
  • Treat each patient, resident with respect and dignity
  • Protect patients, residents’ rights and advocate for their needs