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This week's reflection

This week's reflection

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.

Robert Louis Stevenson

Applicant resources

Do you have a question about applying for jobs at Covenant Health? Take a look at these resources and frequently asked questions for more information on our hiring process, how to create a resume and cover letter, preparing for an interview and more.

Hiring process

  1. Create your online profile through our job board so you can apply for jobs and see the progress of your applications.

  2. Apply for a position before 11:59 MST on the closing date. See our tips for creating your resume and cover letter.
  1. We will invite you to an interview if your application meets our needs. We will only contact candidates selected for an interview.
  1. We will schedule you for an interview to learn more about you and see how your credentials align with the job.
  1. Reference checks will be done if you are a top candidate for the job. We will ask for three references, two of which are supervisory.
  1. We will offer you the job if we think you are the strongest candidate.
  1. Prepare for your job by completing your pre-hire and onboarding tasks, and reviewing information on the New Employee page. Your employment is conditional on you providing a criminal record check prior to your start date. For some positions, you may also need to provide proof of license to practice in Alberta.
  1. The orientation process will make sure you have what you need to succeed, including corporate orientation, tours, online learning and more.

How to prepare for your interview

Before the interview

  • Do your research on Covenant Health
  • Review the job posting before the interview
  • Review your skills and experience that relate to the position you applied to
  • Create a separate document with your references to bring to the interview with you. Your reference sheet should include reference names, titles, their relationship to you (i.e. former manager), phone numbers and email addresses.

Preparing for interview questions

  • The interview process often starts with a few basic questions to help us get to know you.
  • Covenant Health is a values-based organization, so we will ask how you how our values fit into your work, past experiences and future goals
  • For specific positions, candidates may be required to complete testing related to the job (i.e. medical terminology)
  • Most interviewers will ask questions about how you will perform the new job based on your past experiences. You can use examples from past experiences to showcase your skills.
  • When sharing examples of past experiences, use the STAR method:
    • Situation: describe a situation from a previous job, volunteer experience or school
    • Task: describe the tasks involved in the situation
    • Action: tell us what actions you took, highlighting your contributions even if you were part of a team
    • Results: describe what your work accomplished

Recruitment fraud

There have been incidents of recruitment fraud circulating recently that reference Covenant Health. Please be aware that Covenant Health never requests fees, endorses training through third parties or directly hires applicants without screening. If you see a request like this, please do not submit any documentation, as this is not a genuine request.

Please forward the fraudulent information you received to so we can identify the source of the fraud. If you believe that you may have been a victim of fraud, please report the crime to your local law enforcement.

Frequently asked questions

Can I drop off a paper resume or email one instead of using the online system?

All applications must be submitted towards a current job posting through Covenant Health’s online recruitment system. We are unable to accept applications any other way. 

To apply for a job, you must first create a candidate profile. Once you have found a job you wish to apply on, simply click Apply for Job and complete the application process. We recommend that you log in to your profile before you start searching our job board and applying on postings.

How do I know that you have received my application?

You will see a notification on your screen and you will receive an email confirming your application went through. You can also review your Job Submission History located in your profile.

How do I find out the status of my application?

To review the status of your applications, log in to your online profile and then click the My Submissions link.

You will see one of the following statuses:

  • Open Internal/External: job is open and accepting resumes
  • Posting Closed: no longer accepting resumes and your application is being reviewed
  • Cancelled: position has been cancelled
  • Filled: position has been filled by another candidate

How long does it take to receive a response for an interview?

It is difficult to predict an exact time, but we strive to contact candidates within 10 business days from the posting closing date. We will only contact candidates who are selected for an interview.

What if I miss the application deadline?

We are unable to accept late applications. Please make sure to submit your application before 11:59 p.m. MST on the closing date.

What if I cannot remember my username and/or password?

To find your password and/or username, click on the Forgot Your Password link located on the Job Board login page. Enter the email address you used when you first created your profile. You will be sent a link to a page confirming that your password has been retrieved, and you will receive an email with your password.

Please note you can only reset your password on a computer, not on a mobile device.

If you are still having problems accessing or logging into your profile, please email for assistance.

What do I do if I have technical issues with the site?

If you are experiencing issues with the Covenant Health Careers site, please try the following first:

  • Turn off pop-up blockers to make sure pop-ups are allowed for our site (most common solution)
  • Switch to Google Chrome

If you have tried these and are still having issues, please email for help.

How can I apply for an undergraduate nursing employee (UNE) position?

UNE positions are posted through our online recruitment system. You will need to create a candidate profile and visit our job board to view our opportunities. We usually post UNE positions in late February and throughout the spring.

You can also find more information about UNE positions on our website.

How do student placements work?

Student placements are usually handled through each post-secondary school’s placement coordinator. Most schools are aware of this process as the tracking system used is Canada-wide.

Please see our Students page for more information. You can also contact your placement coordinator and they will be able to tell you if there is a Student Placement Agreement in place with Covenant Health, and what your next steps are.

Am I qualified to work as a health care aide for Covenant Health?

Please refer to the Alberta Health Care Aide Directory for more information about working as a Health Care Aide in Alberta.

What post-secondary institutions and programs do you recognize?

The most basic requirement in recruitment at Covenant Health is that an applicant’s education has been obtained through an academic program or post-secondary institution recognized by the Government of Alberta. More information can be found at Apply Alberta or the Government of Alberta website.

Requirements can vary depending on what the hiring manager is looking for and the specific department or unit needs. We recommend that applicants review the qualifications sections of postings for more details.

How can I volunteer for Covenant Health?

Please visit our Volunteer Services page for more information.

I am currently not living in Canada; will you help me get to Canada through a job offer?

Qualified international applicants educated in another country may be considered for employment if they meet all of the following criteria:

  • Hold a valid Canadian Social Insurance Number
  • Hold a current and valid open work permit to legally work in Canada. The permit must be obtained independently by the candidate from Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
  • Actively licensed or registered with the Alberta regulatory college or licensing body for the applicable profession. (i.e. Registered Nurses working in Alberta are required to be registered with the College of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CRNA))

Applicants who meet this criteria must disclose this information through the interview and selection process.

It is strongly recommended that candidates begin the processes for registration and work authorization early in their job search, as processing times vary.