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Covenant Health's Board of Directors consists of 10 individuals, who are appointed by its Catholic sponsor, Catholic Health of Alberta. The Board is an important component in the governance of Covenant Health and in the areas of developing our vision, strategic planning, community engagement, site monitoring and physician liaison.

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Board Committees
To assist in fulfilling its governance role, the Covenant Board of Directors has established five subcommittees: Audit and Finance, Governance, Mission and Engagement, Quality and System Performance, and Growth and Innovation.
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Roles and Responsibilities
The following is a suite of policies that outline the Covenant Board and Board Committees’ accountability, responsibilities, and composition:
Policy 3.1 - Governing Instruments
Policy 3.2 - Accountability of the Board
Policy 3.3 - Board Composition
Policy 3.4 - Board Committees
Policy 3.6 - Role of Board Chair
Policy 3.7 - Role of Vice-Chair
Policy 4.9 - Director Position Description

Our Commitment to Ethical Integrity
To ensure our yearly commitment to ethical integrity, all Covenant Board and Board Committee members must sign the Declaration and Conflict of Interest Disclosure annually.

Board of Directors