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Knowledge Transfer & Dissemination

Knowledge translation is defined as “a process connecting contextualized knowledge with its application to improve health and wellness.” (Source: ACRC Glossary and Common Terminology)

KT is an important piece of the research enterprise and a required component for most grant-funded research, including Covenant Health grant offerings.

Some resources that you may find useful:

The CHRC can assist in development and implementation of a KT plan, upon request. There are many opportunities for KT and for Research Dissemination at Covenant Health, including but not limited to:

  • Stakeholder consults, engagement, meetings and workshops
  • Brown Bag meetings and presentations
  • Research Day
  • Covenant Health Research publication
  • Professional Practice Committee review

All researchers who have completed research at Covenant Health, and/or who have received funding for research through Covenant Health, are asked to provide research articles and any other products as a result of their research, and including a Final Report.  All Final Reports are distributed according to thematic areas and are reviewed through Professional Practice to establish opportunities to integrate into practice.

Download the final report form