Covenant Health

Spiritual care

Spiritual care at Covenant Health promotes the spiritual and emotional health of patients, residents, families and staff.  Our skilled team of professional Chaplains provide spiritual care to our patients, residents and families, and are supported by many faith community volunteers.

How can I request spiritual care services?

To request a visit from Spiritual Care during your stay, please ask any member of your healthcare team.

What are Chaplains?

Chaplains are healthcare professionals who have Masters-level education in theological/religious studies, have completed integrative clinical training (Clinical Pastoral Education) and who hold membership with the Canadian Association for Spiritual Care (CASC).

Chaplains are practitioners who help people draw upon their own spiritual, religious and cultural resources for direction, strength, wisdom and healing as they journey through life’s stages.  Chaplains are integrated members of the health care team and provide spiritual leadership across Covenant Health sites.

How can Chaplains help me and my loved ones?

Our chaplains can:

  • Provide end-of-life support, ceremony, or decision-making
  • Guide you during crisis situations
  • Help you explore meaning and purpose in life
  • Support people experiencing grief and loss
  • Support families and friends who are impacted by a loved one’s illness or death
  • Help you explore ethical concerns facing patients, residents, and staff
  • Facilitate Community Spiritual Care Volunteers

What kinds of services can Chaplains offer?

Our Chaplains offer:

  • On-site religious worship services and special events
  • Religious care (prayer, requests for communion/sacraments, or facilitating visits from diverse faith leaders)
  • A supportive relational presence during times of stress and vulnerability
  • Resources for memorial/funeral service planning
  • Respect for all religious traditions and faiths and a link to community faith groups and leaders
  • Online memorial services

Online memorial services

Our online memorial service offers an opportunity to remember loved ones at a time when it has been difficult to gather in ways that our families and friends have gathered in the past. You may personalize your experience by having a picture or other item that captures the character of your loved one with you when you watch. You may also choose to have a candle ready to be lit during the service which is on YouTube.