Covenant Health

Interpretive services

Covenant Health is committed to providing quality healthcare services to all patients and residents. This includes offering interpretative services for patients, residents and families who do not speak English or have limited English proficiency. Interpretive services are available when patients, residents or family members request them, or when a healthcare provider identifies a need for interpretive services.

Interpretive services may include phone interpretation, video interpretation, face-to-face interpretation, message relays, reminder calls and document translation. 

How do I book an interpreter?

Please speak with a member of your care team to arrange for an interpreter.

Who provides translation?

Covenant Health works with approved contracted services providers to provide interpretation for scheduled appointments and when emergencies arise.

What languages are available?

There are over 240 languages available, including Aboriginal and Inuit languages and American Sign Language.

How much does it cost?

Services are provided at no cost to Covenant Health patients and residents.