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Operational/Administrative Review

All research activities that involve Covenant Health facilities, equipment, supplies, patients, staff, physicians and volunteers requires operational/administrative review prior to any research activity taking place.  Recruitment and screening of patients is considered to be a research activity and requires approval, even if the research does not take place at a Covenant Health facility.

Download Covenant Health Research Policy (Version 2015Sept)
Download Covenant Health Application Form
Download Covenant Health HIA Agreement
Download Covenant Health Research HIA Agreement (TBA)
Download Covenant Health Consent to Disclose Health Information 
Download Covenant Health Declaration of Compliance with Mandatory Vaccine Requirements (required for all studies proposing to access sites/facilities)


NOTE:  If you will be accessing health records as part of your study, download  General Guidelines

Email CHRC 

Research Process

The research process for studies involving Covenant Health includes:

1) Initiate the research ethics approval process at HREB via the REMO on-line interface program. Ensure that Covenant Health is listed as a site under 1.6, 2.0;

a) If HREB deems that the project does not require an ethics review, a letter from HREB stating same will be required to proceed;

2) Submit a signed CHRC application form as well as a signed HIA agreement to the CHRC office;

3) Submit any sponsor or granting agency agreement to the CHRC for Risk Management/Legal Review;

4) Submit relevant protocols and quotation requests to Lab, Pharmacy or Diagnostic Imaging services as appropriate;

5) Once both HREB and CHRC approvals are in place, contact the manager responsible for the department(s) impacted by your study to arrange for an orientation(s) to your study.  Please access this Guidance (TBA) for documents and other criteria required to access a site

6) Acknowledge Terms of Reference and establishment of Research Trust Account if appropriate;

7) Ensure that HREB approval is renewed every year prior to the expiry date, throughout the duration of the study;

8) Submit any Adverse Event Reports to HREB;

9) Submit any amendments to study protocols, agreements, etc. to both HREB and the CHRC;

10) Notify both HREB and CHRC when the study is formally closed;

11) Contact the CHRC for knowledge transfer opportunities for your study; and

12) Submit a final study report to the CHRC for file. 


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