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Internal Covenant Health Research Grants

(On hiatus until further notice)


 Monthly Update for Funding Opportunities:

The CHRC has begun providing an overview of funding opportunities for Covenant Health researchers. Click here to access the current monthly update through CLiC. 


External Grants:

Alberta Innovates

Alberta Innovates (AI) is a provincial organization that provides funding for health research.  For further information regarding funding opportunities, visit the AI website.

Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)

CIHR is the principal federal government research funding mechanism in Canada. In July 2013, the CHRC applied for funding eligibility and effective September 2013, Covenant Health was awarded this status. This means that Covenant Health researchers can apply for CIHR grants directly and have those grant funds managed in trust through Covenant Health Finance. This will expedite the processes for research projects that are Covenant Health-centric, or in research areas of significant strategic priority for Covenant Health and that may not be of high priority to the universities, or do not have collaborators from a university.

CIHR distributes regular grant notices and information by email.  To sign up for an electronic subscription, send a request via email to and include first name, last name, and email address.

National Institute of Health (NIH)

NIH is the principal federal government research funding mechanism in the United States of America. Covenant Health is registered and eligible to receive grant award through NIH.

NIH distributes regular grant notices and information by email, RSS and Twitter.  To sign up for an electronic subscription, please visit the NIH website and choose your preferred method of delivery.



GST Requirements for Researchers

Based on Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) requirements, researchers who provide research services that exceed $30,000 annually are required to register and remit GST for the services provided.  Access general Guidance for researchers on GST [v2023Jan03]


DONATE to support research initiatives at Covenant Health!

Funding for health research comes from different places: many studies are funded by pharmaceutical or other private sponsors; some studies are supported through grants – both public and private; and still many projects are funded by the researchers themselves (i.e. Physicians, nurses, allied health and other healthcare professionals).

If you are interested in helping to support health research initiatives at Covenant Health, please donate through the Covenant Foundation and indicate in the drop down menu that you would like your donation to support “Covenant Health Research Centre (CHRC)”.

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