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angel cradle - a safe place for the baby

There is a lot of support available for women who are pregnant and new parents who are not sure they can keep and care for their baby. If you would like to talk with someone about different options and available supports, call Alberta Children's Services at 780.427.3390.

It is important that you take time to think about your choices before you decide to leave your baby in an Angel Cradle. Consider your options.

There are two Angel Cradles in Edmonton

Grey Nuns Community Hospital in Millwoods
Misericordia Community Hospital in West Edmonton

If you choose to leave your baby in the Angel Cradle, you do not have to come into the hospital. This is so you can leave your baby without anyone knowing who you are. The hospital will not try to find you. The hospital will call Children's Services who will try to find a permanent home for the baby.

The Angel Cradles are identified by a light-blue door located on the outside of the Emergency Departments. You will see the "Angel Cradle" sign on a small door. Inside the door is a cradle where you can safely leave your baby.

Your baby

Sixty seconds after you leave the baby in the Angel Cradle, a sensor lets the Emergency Department staff know that there is a baby in the cradle. Doctors and nurses will check the baby. A hospital social worker will contact Children's Services. The baby will be considered abandoned and will be placed in the temporary care of Children's Services. They will arrange for someone to look after the baby.

If you leave the baby in an Angel Cradle, it would help our doctors and nurses if you left health information about the baby, you and the baby’s other parent. The more medical information you give us, the better we can care for the baby. We will not use any of the information you leave to try to find you. As long as the baby was not harmed, we will not give any information to anyone that says who you are. However, we will share any available medical information relevant to the baby with Children's Services so they can make sure the baby receives the care she/he needs.

Taking care of yourself

If you need to see a doctor, please come into the Emergency Department. We will care for you. We will not try to link you with the baby.

You must be the baby’s parent or guardian to use the Angel Cradle. If possible, the baby’s other parent would agree to placing the baby in the Angel Cradle. If you don’t want to place your baby in the Angel Cradle but are being forced to, please contact Children's Services or the police by dialing 911. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Leaving your baby in the Angel Cradle is not a criminal offence. You will not be arrested.

If there are signs that a baby has been abused, we will report this to the police. 

Call the Distress Line
780.482.HELP (4357)

Grey Nuns Community Hospital 

Angel Cradle location

Grey Nuns Hospital Angel Cradlelocation
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Misericordia Community Hospital
Angel Cradle location

Misericordia Hospitalangel Cradle Location
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