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29th Annual Palliative Education & Research Days

29th Annual Palliative Education & Research Days
Compassionate Communities: Building Upon a Caring Community
Monday, October 22, 2018
Edmonton, Alberta
Fantasyland Hotel, West Edmonton Mall 

Covenant Health is proud to support and provide delegates the opportunity to gather, meet, share experiences and exchange ideas with colleagues representing many disciplines from all over Alberta and surrounding provinces.

The conference committee is excited to present renowned speakers again this year.

Compassionate Communities: Building Upon a Caring Community

Compassionate communities in palliative care are a network of health care team members from all health disciplines, individuals, families, communities and/or organizations that partner to support and promote approaches to end-of-life care, dying and bereavement across all care settings.

These important partnerships aim to raise awareness, identify challenges and strengths and ensure the unique aspects of the community are met throughout an individual’s disease trajectory.

The goal of enabling communities to take responsibility for the care of each other is ideally achieved if appropriate supports are in place. Researching demographics, building infrastructure and capacity, determining methods to integrate compassionate communities, engaging their members and having deliberative dialogue are building blocks to empowering patients, families, and the healthcare team to best meet physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs. Moreover, these building blocks ensure sustainability.

Conference objectives

  • Heighten awareness of palliative care needs in our community
  • Increase knowledge of the mechanisms of physical, emotional, spiritual and social distress
  • Provide better understanding of methods of controlling symptoms of life-limiting disease
  • Improve understanding of patient- and family-centered care
  • Improve understanding and support for the inter-professional approach
  • Heighten awareness of compassionate values and moral decision making in palliative care
  • Create a supportive environment to enhance staff wellness
  • Provide opportunity for interaction between colleagues in palliative care
  • Provide a forum for dissemination of new research findings, both in progress and completed

Syllabus & delegate information

Poster presentations

  • Bond - Building an early palliative care pathway for advanced colorectal cancer patients in Alberta
  • Brenneis - Palliative Care Matters
  • Dunn - Supporting family physicians to provide community-based primary palliative care
  • Fermaniuk - Under-recognized severe muslce depletion in hospitalized cancer patients receiving palliative care
  • Forsythe - Hospice information transfer: A Calgary collaborative approach
  • Lalani - Rise above: Experiences of spirituality among family caregivers in a hospice setting
  • Maynard - Emergency medical services palliative and end of life care
  • Parmar - Healthcare workforce training in supporting family caregivers of seniors-in-care
  • Paul - Rural home care palliative video consultation project
  • Vandale - Assessing patient and caregiver preferences for early palliative care delivery in rural Alberta
  • Watanabe - Impact of palliative care consultation on aggressive end-of-life care in advanced cancer patients at a cancer centre
  • Watanabe - GI survey


Viki Muller, Research/Project Coordinator
Phone: 780.735.7493