Covenant Health

Innovation led by quality

Covenant Health is actively raising the leadership and innovation bar in areas where we add value to Alberta’s and Canada’s integrated health system. 

At the heart of our larger commitment to those most vulnerable—with a special focus on seniors' care, mental health care, end-of-life care and rural health—is our vision to be of greater service to those in need with compassion, quality and innovation.

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Continuous improvement

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Driving innovation, with hope and compassion as our guiding lights, we will continue to lead improvements to the care Albertans can expect.

Innovating solutions locally

Covenant Health delivers added value to your family and community by improving the path you take through Covenant Health's care journey. We are committed to providing you the right care at the right time in the right place, helping deliver your care as smoothly as possible.

Innovating solutions universally: Seniors' care redesign

Covenant Health is redesigning the services and support available  for Alberta's seniors in a way that reflects the shift in lifestyle and preferences Albertans are bringing to their senior years.

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