Your surgery 

Once your family doctor decides that you may require a surgery, he or she will refer you to a surgeon. A referral means the surgeon will review your physician’s findings and, if necessary, arrange an appointment with you.

Your surgeon will discuss your condition and outline your options. He or she may order more tests to determine exactly what the concern is, or decide you don’t require surgery at this time. If the surgeon decides that surgery is the best option, he or she will schedule a surgery date with you.

Please download our Patient Handbook. The document provides valuable information about what you need to know before coming to the hospital for your surgery, which includes:

  • Services and information
  • Your time at the hospital
  • Discharge

Confirming your surgery time

You will receive a phone call from the Pre-Admission Clinic (PAC) to confirm your surgery time between 1 p.m.  and 2 p.m. the day before your surgery. If your surgery is on Monday, you will receive a call the Friday before.

If you have not heard from PAC by 2 p.m. the day before your surgery, please call 780.735.7406 between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. to confirm your time. 

Day surgery

If your surgery does not require you stay overnight, please download our Day Surgery Brochure. You may also receive this brochure from your surgeon's office. The document provides information on how to prepare for your surgery and what to expect when you go home the same day. 

Overnight hospital stay

If your physician requires you to stay overnight, you may be booked in the Pre-Admission Clinic (PAC) before your surgery date. Please see below for more information.

Pre-admission clinic (PAC) 

If your surgeon requires you to go for a PAC appointment, the hospital will call you before the surgery date with your appointment date and time. Our Patient Information Booklet will give you valuable information about what you need to know before coming to the hospital for your surgery, including:

  • What to expect during the PAC visit
  • Your surgery
  • Before and after your surgery
  • Planning to go home

During your PAC appointment, you:

  • Will meet with a nurse, who will explain how to get ready for your surgery and what to expect while you’re in the hospital
  • May meet other healthcare providers your surgeon wants you to see
  • May have blood tests done
  • May have an ECG and/or other tests done
  • May meet with an anesthesiologist to talk about your anesthesia plan and options for pain relief

You’ll also be asked to bring a list of medications and vitamins to your PAC appointment. Your surgeon will let you know which medications to stop taking before your surgery and when to stop taking it.

If you don't have to come to the PAC before your surgery, your surgeon's office:

  • Will ask you about your health
  • Will explain how to get ready for surgery (he/she may mail you instructions and more information about your surgery)
  • May send you to have blood work or other tests done

Commonly ordered pre-operative tests

Eating & drinking before surgery

Please download the Eating and Drinking Before Surgery document for information on what to eat and drink before surgery.

If you have diabetes or kidney problems, please follow the Eating and Drinking Before Surgery for Patients with Diabetes guideline.

Your Surgery Journey video series

If you’re having surgery, you probably have some questions. These videos help you get ready for your surgery and explain the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) program. You’ll find out what to expect before you get to the hospital, the day of your surgery, and when you go home after surgery. Following ERAS can help you feel better sooner.

The Northern Alberta Vascular Centre (NAVC)

Located at the Grey Nuns Community Hospital, NAVC provides state-of-the art inpatient and outpatient vascular care to a referral population of 2.3 million in Edmonton, Northern Alberta, the Western Canada and the Territories.

Visit our website for information on:

  • Your journey from diagnosis through discharge
  • Vascular procedures
  • Our facilities
  • The NAVC team

Click here for a step by step look at what to expect your hospital journey when having vascular surgery. For more information, please visit 

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