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The Community Geriatric Psychiatry Program supports seniors in the Edmonton Zone with its main office located in the Westmount Shopping Centre and a satellite office located in the Ermineskin neighbourhood. The program works in partnership with seniors to individualize care in their own home or community to promote recovery and well being. Collaboration with primary care physicians, community agencies and other health and social services providers is an important part of supporting a senior’s wellness and recovery. Positive treatment outcomes are achieved for the majority of seniors with mental illness or mental illness with addiction concerns, which includes reduction or elimination of symptoms and improved quality of life even when dealing with progressive degenerative diseases such as dementia.

Our program follows the Alberta Health Services integrated Addiction and Mental Health Service Model of five Tiers that describe the continuum of addiction and mental health services. It places clients/patients, families and communities at the centre of the model. The Community Geriatric Psychiatry Program is reflective of Tier 3 (Short Term Clinical Intervention) and Tier 4 (Intense/Complex Long Term Treatment). The Community Geriatric Psychiatry Program works collaboratively with other geriatric mental health services including:

  • Covenant Health Villa Caritas, Acute Inpatient Geriatric Psychiatry Program
  • Alberta Heath Services Glenrose Geriatric Psychiatry Inpatient Program, START Psychiatry (Short Term Assessment, Rehabilitation and Treatment), Outpatient Geriatric Psychiatry Clinic and Geriatric Psychiatry Outreach Nurse
  • Alberta Health Services CCPCS (Continuing Care Psychiatry Consultation Service)
  • Capital Care Lynwood and CHOICE (Comprehensive Home Option of Integrated Care)

Admission information

Who Do We Serve?

Individuals appropriate for this service are those who may require short term clinical intervention and/or intense/longer term treatment.  Short term clinical intervention is defined as initial assessment and/or treatment in the community, and/or post psychiatric in-patient treatment follow-up.  Intense/longer term treatment is defined as long-term follow-up and support and/or access to specialized day programming.

Admission Criteria:

  • Seniors with a Mental Health diagnosis who are experiencing psychiatric symptoms and/or a decline in cognition or level of functioning, and are able to be adequately managed in the community;
  • Individuals may have significant medical comorbidities that complicate psychiatric treatment but are being addressed by the appropriate medical service/practitioner;
  • Dementia by itself is not a reason for referral, however dementia with related psychiatric or behavioral management concerns is a reason for referral;
  • The patient or alternate decision maker is aware of and agrees with the referral;
  • Age is not a specific admission criterion. Each referral is evaluated by the clinician/physician group for the presence of geriatric syndromes that require Community Geriatric Psychiatry level of assessment and treatment;
  • Individuals with primary concern of substance abuse or process addictions are best served by other providers, however these issues in combination with a mental health diagnosis are completely appropriate for this service.

Exclusion Criteria:

  • Individuals residing in Long Term Care or Designated Assisted Living served by the CCPCS (Continuing Care Psychiatry Consultation Service).


Referral to the Community Geriatric Psychiatry Program will be by self (concerned individual), family or from a hospital/ agency/program within the Edmonton Zone.  Referrals are made using the Seniors Mental Health Integrated Referral form which is completed in full by the referral source and sent to the program Intake Coordinator.

Through a screening process, the Intake Coordinator will triage the patient appropriately based on his or her unique needs. Individuals are assessed by a clinician in home or in the clinic as appropriate. The comprehensive assessment is completed in collaboration where appropriate with the patient's family and supporting agencies.  This provides the basis for a recovery care plan. Appropriate treatments and supports are identified through review of all pertinent health information, social factors and other issues contributing to the senior's health problems. Also identified are functional abilities, environmental factors and resources that are important to maintaining health. The assessment also addresses the provision of support and education for care­ givers and other clinicians that are part of the senior's circle of care.

Recovery Care Plan

The recovery care plan includes clear goals based on patient/caregiver informed choices and specifies who is responsible for implementing/monitoring. Recovery plans are developed with patient and caregiver participation. Primary and other service providers receive regular communication regarding patient status to ensure appropriate coordination and continuation of care, and will be notified once goals are achieved and the senior is ready for discharge from the program.

Programs & services


  • Psychiatric consultation
  • Comprehensive assessment, treatment and follow-up in the most appropriate setting
  • Addiction screening, assessment and counseling services
  • Therapeutic group programming
  • Outpatient Day Program (Westmount & Ermineskin – 25 clients daily at each site)
  • Education and support for patients, families, services providers and stakeholders
  • Liaison and referrals to other community agencies
  • Member of the Seniors Protection Partnership
  • Member of the Hoarding Consolation Team



Free visitor parking is available, including handicap parking stalls, in the parking lot across from Ross Shepard High School at the Westmount Shopping Centre.


Free visitor parking is available in the mall parking lot, including handicap parking stalls.

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