Palliative Institute
Education and Research
Education and Research

Education and Research

The Palliative Institute delivers, oversees and supports a range of educational and research projects related to palliative care, in domains ranging from pain management and symptom assessment to the psychosocial and spiritual aspects of palliative care. The institute supports the advancement of palliative care knowledge through its annual hosting of the Annual Palliative Education and Research Day.

Institute team members are sought after to provide advice on palliative care and end of life education, the focus of which has expanded considerably in recent years to encompass a “palliative approach to care” that addresses the needs of patients and caregivers in all care settings. The team contributes to knowledge about palliative care in professional publications and are active participants at conferences nationally and internationally.

The Palliative Institute is also involved in a wide range of research activities. These include the annual Palliative Education & Research Day conference, which brings together leading experts from a wide range of fields relating to palliative care.

The Palliative Institute is committed to supporting health care professionals, researchers and other professionals in their pursuit of excellence in palliative care. To this end, the institute has embarked on the Alberta government grant-supported Alberta Palliative Care Competencies and Education Project (read more under Current Initiatives) aimed at providing health care professionals with the resources they need to advise patients on matters related to palliative care.

Please contact us if you are interested in professional resources related to palliative care or in participating in any of our grants or research initiatives.

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