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Alberta Clinical Research Consortium (ACRC)

The ACRC is the first collaborative effort between clinical researchers from academic institutions, community-based physicians, and representatives from the healthcare system in Alberta looking at reducing the barriers and streamlining the processes for conducting clinical research. The participating agencies, institutions and organizations include:

  • Alberta Health Services;
  • College of Physicians and Surgeons;
  • Covenant Health;
  • University of Alberta;
  • University of Calgary; and
  • Alberta Innovates-Health Solutions, who is providing secretariat role, project management and facilitation.

“Our vision is high quality, integrated and efficient clinical research in Alberta.”
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Alberta Health Services

Covenant Health works in partnership with AHS to provide health services throughout Alberta.  In addition, we work closely with AHS Research to ensure that research undertaken across both organizations have access to the appropriate processes and documents required to facilitate the projects.

For assistance at AHS with Research Agreements and Operational Approvals, go to 

For general research information for AHS, go to

For assistance at AHS with using Netcare for Research purposes, go to:        

For inquiries on any aspect of the AHS Research Administration process please email:


Network of Networks (N2)

Covenant Health is a member of N2, Canada’s alliance for excellence in clinical research.  Learn more on the N2 website


Research Canada

Covenant Health is a member of Research Canada, an alliance for Health Discovery.
Learn more on the Research Canada website