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Research Day 2017
Research Day 2017

Research Day 2017

The 12th annual Covenant Health Research Day took place at the Grey Nuns Community Hospital, on Tuesday, February 7th, 2017.

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What is a Living Lab?

“Living labs are defined as user-centred, open innovation ecosystems based on a systematic user co-creation approach integrating research and innovation processes in real life communities and settings. In practice and within our context, living labs place the patient at the centre of innovation, and have thus shown the ability to better mould the opportunities, concepts and solutions to meet the specific needs and aspirations of local contexts, cultures, and creativity potentials.

5 key elements are present in a living lab:

  • active user involvement (i.e. empowering end users to thoroughly impact the innovation process)
  • real-life setting (i.e. testing and experimenting with new artefacts "in the wild")
  • multi-stakeholder participation (i.e. the involvement of technology providers, service
  • providers, relevant institutional actors, professional or residential end users)
  • a multi-method approach (i.e. the combination of methods and tools originating from a.o. ethnography, psychology, sociology, strategic management, engineering)
  • co-creation (i.e. iterations of design cycles with different sets of stakeholders).”

Modified from ENoLL definition:

Presentations and Abstracts:

  • Promoting physical activity in Canada – an example of living lab, John C. Spence, PhD: Presentation
  • Network of Excellence in Seniors’ Health and Wellness: A senior friendly environmental scan  Sally Jones, BSc / Kathy Classen, BA: Abstract, Presentation
  • Assessment of acute traumatic pain: the critical role of the scale anchor  Flo Slomp MSc, Doctoral Candidate: Abstract, Presentation
  • Filling the gaps: identification of education needs in palliative care and exploring potential solutions Serena Rix, PharmD: Abstract, Presentation
  • Growing the capacity to manage responsive behaviors: from living lab to organic reality Suzette Bremault-Phillips, PhD, MA, BMR, BSc; Ashley Pike, PhD: Abstract, Presentation
  • iRSM: A living laboratory for head and neck reconstruction and rehabilitation Dr. Johan Wolfaardt: Abstract
  • Patient Engagement, Virginia Vandall-Walker, PhD, RN (not available)
  • Enabling clinical health research and projects in the real world: collaboration, communication, and collection  Trina Johnson, PhD: Abstract, Presentation
  • ChEHC as a “living lab”: a multi-method multi-stakeholder program Lesley Brennan, PhD: Abstract, Presentation
  • Patterns of Home Mechanical Ventilation In The Province Of Alberta, Canada: A Retrospective Population-Based Cohort Study Dr. Erika MacIntyre: Abstract, Presentation
  • Conceptual design of the beta prototype of an optical implant registration system Dr. Daniel Aalto; Dr. Martin Osswald; Dr. Suresh Nayar; Dylan Scott, M.A.Sc; Mackenzie Hauck: Abstract, Presentation
  • Meeting the Needs of People at the End of Life - The End of Life (Last Hours to Days) Pathway Revision Project Lorelei Sawchuk, MN: Abstract, Presentation

Poster Presentation Abstracts:

  • Decision-Making Capacity Assessment Education for Physicians: Current State and Future Directions Charles L, Parmar J, Bremault-Phillips S, Dobbs B, Sacry L, Sluggett B. Abstract
  • Transitions in Care Jensen L, Charles L, Johnson C. Abstract
  • Research on Care of the Elderly in Covenant Health Dobbs B, Charles L, Triscott J, Tian P. Abstract
  • DoMiNO Project: Data mining and newborn outcomes exploring environmental variables Wine O, Osornio-Vargas A, Buka I and the DoMiNO Team. Abstract
  • A Framework to Assist Family Caregivers in Acute Care Parmar J, Sacrey L, Sommer M, Hoogewoonink E. Abstract
  • Facilitating Resident and Family Engagement in Alberta Continuing Care Facilities  Classen K, Parmar J, Babiuk J, Tian P. Abstract
  • Screening for Stress and Burden in Caregivers of Seniors: Screening Assessment Tools  Parmar J, Sacrey L, Classen K, Sommer M, Tian P. Abstract
  • Inventories of Resources and Supports for Caregivers in Alberta  Parmar J, Kathy Classen, Babiuk J, Tian P. Abstract
  • Implant utilization and time to prosthetic rehabilitation in advanced fibular jaw reconstruction: A follow up Chuka R, Al A,  Osswald M, Nayar S, Rieger J, Seikaly H, Wolfaardt  J. Abstract
  • Skills-Based Video Training on the Care of the Orthopaedic Client for Frontline Workers in Continuing & Long-Term Care Milligan L, Goble E, Boucher C, Di Castri T. Abstract
  • Alberta Community Pharmacists: Perceptions of Palliative Care Rix S, Helluc B,  Marsh S. Abstract
  • Palliative care at home: lessons from the hospital pharmacy Rix S, Helluc B,  Marsh S. Abstract
  • Maxilla Reconstruction and Rehabilitation: The Impact of surgical planning and reconstruction guides on speech intelligibility and resonance outcomes   Papadopoulos G, Rieger J,  Wolfaardt J, Osswald M, Nayar S, Seikaly H. Abstract
  • Motivating patients in home-based swallowing therapy using mobile health applications  Constantinescu G, King B, Kuffel K, Scott D, Aalto D, McPhee K, Fedorak M, Hodgetts B, Rieger J. Abstract
  • Lack of awareness about Prevalence of Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) in Preterm infants in the Northern Alberta Neonatal Program Ahmed H, Sollereder P,  Reichert A, Kamps P, Qureshi M. Abstract
  • Implementation and Evaluation of Electronic Medical  Orders for Goals of Care and End of Life Potapov  A, Simon J, Konrad F. Abstract
  • The Economics of Advance Care Planning Chiu A, Fassbender K. Abstract
  • Advance Care Planning in Alberta Lawyer’s Practices: A Cross Sectional Survey of Alberta Lawyers Douglas M, Fassbender K, Simon J, Biondo P, Wasylenko E, Ries N. Abstract
  • Identification and Implementation of Indicators to Monitor Successful Uptake of Advance Care Planning in Alberta: A Delphi Study. Phase 11 Fassbender K, Potapov A, Biondo P, Stalker M, Holroyd-Leduc J, Hagen N. Abstract
  • Moving to Get Care in the Last Year of Life: A Qualitative Study of Key Informants to Identify Issues and Solutions Wilson D, Birch S, Ashpole B
    Implementation of Driving Cessation Support Groups for Individuals with Dementia and their Caregivers in Covenant Health Dobbs B, Harper L,  Pisani L, Visram F,   Bhardwaj P. Abstract
  • The effects of a volitional breathing technique on swallowing and respiratory coordination in individuals with ALS Cleary S, Kalra S, Johnston W
    Key Stakeholder and community engagement in the spread and sustainability of the Decision-Making Capacity Assessment (DMCA) Model Brémault-Phillips S,  Pike A,  Charles L,  Roduta-Roberts M,  Mitra A,  Friesen S,  Moulton L,  Weis J. Abstract