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July 29 , 2022

RiT participants will be assigned up to three applications to conduct practice reviews, attend the peer review meeting, present one review, and participate in the committee meeting. RiT participants will be required to complete three learning modules:

Additional supporting materials for conducting reviews, such as the peer review guide, committee's mandate, reviewer webinars, and the funding opportunity details will be provided to successful applicants.

Each participant will be assigned up to three applications to review based on their self-declared ability to review. Participants will also be assigned a Mentor who will be available to provide advice and support throughout the review process. Participants must submit their reviews to their Mentor before the meeting with sufficient time for the Mentor to provide feedback on review quality.

Participants will attend the committee meeting, where they will have an opportunity to present one review noting that only the most competitive applications are discussed at a committee meeting. The meeting participation parameters may vary to fit the committee context while still achieving the principles of the program.

To learn more, refer to the RiT program Roles and Responsibilities information sheet for Mentors and Mentees (ECR participants).

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