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July 11 , 2022

Connect Care remains an organizational priority. The sequencing and scope for each Launch has been shifted six months into the future. Overall timelines are extended for Connect Care, with completion by 2024, however, the content of each Launch remains the same:

For more information, please visit: Connect Care Implementation Timeline


In this update:

1. Education a. Customize Patient Lists for Screening b. Labeling of Lab Collection Tubes for Research Kit c. Charge Review Workflow – “In kind” category

2. Training a. Research Staff ILT – virtual training b. Upcoming Research Staff training dates

3. Communications a. External Study Monitor – Connect Care Provider Portal b. Most recent Clinical Inquiry Newsletter c. Next research webinar d. Recent AHS releases and communications e. Have you missed an update? Previously released newsletters archive

4. Finding help for your questions

5. More resources for research end-users

To view this information in its entirety See the Connect Care Research Update


Next research webinar:

Our monthly open webinars are a great way to stay informed about research functionalities in Connect Care and participant in upcoming readiness activities and events, which includes content for training and research conversion. Please join our monthly open sessions (via Zoom).

To request a webinar invitation, please contact:

Next webinar – July 18, 2022

Topic: A Day in the Life of a Research Coordinator

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