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January 09 , 2020

Workers compensation board (WCB)-Alberta promotes injury prevention and encourages the development of effective disability management services and strategies. In order to inform better practice, WCB-Alberta provides financial support for research projects that address certain areas of need. For the 2020 research grants competition, the Research Committee is particularly interested in receiving proposals that focus on the following specific topics: Outcomes of medical and other interventions and the assessment and treatment of work-related psychological injuries.

In 2020, priority will also be given to projects addressing:

  • Disability Management and Rehabilitation
  • Return to Work
  • Medical/rehabilitative interventions
  • Changing nature of work and the work environment
  • Improving the predictability of WCB financing (including economic and demographic factors)
  • Policy, system-design, and decision-making in workers’ compensation
  • Knowledge transfer to communities of interest

Researchers specializing in Clinical Medicine, Epidemiology, Population Health, Rehabilitation Medicine, Sciences, Law, Economics and other Social Sciences are encouraged to apply for funding.

To apply: Submit a Letter of Intent to the WCB-Alberta Research Coordinator by March 31, 2020.
For complete details, and to obtain a Letter of Intent Template, please visit the WCB-Alberta Research Program website here.

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