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May 27 , 2019

The Alberta Addiction and Mental Health (AMH) Research Hub is a partnership of researchers, healthcare professionals and leadership, community organizations, government ministries, patient advocates, and other stakeholders. The AMH Research Hub is offering a non-renewable Depression Research Priority Grant for up to $20,000 for studies involving primary data collection and $10,000 for knowledge translation projects. This Depression Research Priority Grant will support researchers who are investigating the depression research priorities created by Albertans with lived experience.

Principal investigators (PIs) must be a faculty member in one of Alberta’s academic institutions, or clinically appointed at Alberta Health Services (AHS) or its affiliations. The affiliated institution must be eligible to hold and administer research funds. The applicant must be a member of the AMH Research Hub.  The research must be related to Alberta’s Top 11 Depression Research Priorities determined by Albertans with lived experience. PIs may only hold a single active grant from the Alberta AMH Research Hub or AMH Strategic Clinical Network (SCN), but may be coinvestigators on multiple awards or hold grants from other AHS SCNs. Exceptions include the AMH Research Hub’s Team Building Grant and Publication Grant, which may be held concurrently with other AMH Research Hub and AMH SCN grants.

The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, July 17, 2019. Click here for more information.

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