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February 11 , 2019

Caring for another person in need – be it a patient, client, family member or friend – can be rewarding, by strengthening relationships, sharing precious moments and learning life’s lessons. However, caregiving can also come with physical, psychological, emotional, social and financial costs. Caregivers may experience emotional distress, a lack of professional and personal fulfillment, and, in some cases, burnout. Symptoms of burnout may include exhaustion, depersonalization and a low sense of accomplishment. Evidence shows the importance of caregivers taking steps to ensure their own health and wellbeing to mitigate these issues through: Personal wellness techniques – creating and maintaining positive mental, physical and emotional health; Fostering resilience – learning and sustaining positive coping and adapting behaviors; and Workplace processes and practices - promoting safety, quality, effectiveness, and positive patient and collegiate interactions.

Covenant Health's Palliative Institute invites clinicians, students, and faculty to submit abstracts for oral and poster presentations related to palliative and end of life care. The deadline for submitting an abstract is April 7, 2019. Click here for more information on the event.

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