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May 09 , 2016

Did you know that nurses led forty-one research projects at Covenant Health over the past five years! 

The Covenant Health Research Centre is celebrating Nursing Week by thanking nurse-researchers for their important contributions, some of whom include: 

Al-Omari, Elham; Antymniuk, Cherylyn; Coulson, Irene; Cummings, Greta; Duggleby, Wendy; Fraser, Kimberly; Haughian, Maureen; Hunter, Kathleen; Johnson, Dianne; Karen, Courtney; Keating, Norah; King, Sharla; Kingston, Dawn; Lasiuk, Geraldine; Marck, Patricia; Murphy, Sheli; O'Brien, Beverley; Parke, Belinda; Scherr, Kimberly; Spenceley, Shannon; Steele, Denise; Syme, Charlotte Ann; Thirsk, Lorraine; Vadnais, Elisha; Varga, Marlene; Williams, Beverly; Wilson, Donna.

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