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May 01 , 2015

What: Professional Practice and Research are compiling a database of potential research projects of interest by COV constituents and framed within the context of Covenant Health. The database will be presented to those who wish to access it, and it may be sourced for COV-centred/sponsored projects as well.

Who: COV staff, physicians and volunteers are invited to submit any potential research ideas or questions that they may have in their field and/or area of practice.

Why: Students and academics are often looking for research projects that are important to clinicians/practitioners. There are also opportunities for research to be facilitated with partners through collaborations in like areas of interest.

The submitted projects will be of interest to:

  • University students
  •  Academics
  •  COV researchers
  •  COV staff and physicians who have an interest in research
  • Other partners who wish to collaborate on projects


  •  Covenant Health Research Centre (CHRC) administration for information and assistance;
  •  On-line Research education/training;
  •  CHRC seed funding and research grant ($5,000.00/project maximum);
  •  Library Services – literature reviews; training;
  •  Professional Practice leaders to inform and/or identify expertise to inform projects;
  • Covenant Learning Connection portal (CLIC), i.e. ‘workspaces’ that can be set up to facilitate
  • team-thinks and other project work.

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If you have questions or require assistance, contact Mary-Ann at 780.735.9330.

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