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Opportunities for Sponsors

Covenant Health is Alberta's largest voluntary sector health care provider combining leading edge science with the values of faith-based health care. Covenant Health operates 18 sites in 12 communities across Alberta, Learn more about our facilities.  

In addition, Covenant Care operates 4 sites in 4 communities. Learn more about Covenant Care.

These sites provide a range of services - including acute care, continuing care, assisted living, hospice, rehabilitation and respite care, and seniors' housing.

If you are seeking sites for research, the CHRC can provide site-details and contacts for your use.  Please contact


Clinical Trial Agreements

All clinical trial research agreements must be forwarded for review by Covenant Health Legal Council.  Legal Council will review all agreements and provide a written acknowledgement to the Principal Investigator / Research Coordinator when approval to proceed with execution of the contract is confirmed.

Please note that the Edmonton General Continuing Care Centre, the Grey Nuns Community Hospital, the Misericordia Community Hospital and any other Covenant Health sites involved must be referred to by their legal name, Covenant Health, in all contracts.

Any questions regarding Covenant Health Clinical Trial Agreements can be directed to



In keeping with standards used by most organizations across Canada, industry-sponsored clinical research conducted within a Covenant Health facility is charged 30% overhead. Ten percent will be returned to the Principal Investigator upon completion of the clinical trial. The Principal Investigator is responsible for submitting a request for the 10% rebate to the Covenant Health Research Centre upon completion of the clinical trial.

Investigator-initiated clinical research sponsored by industry is charged 15% overhead.

Investigators can request a reduction of the overhead rate by submitting a written letter of request to the CHRC.


Research Training

Covenant Health, through membership in the Network of Networks (N2) is able to offer on-line research training with Collaborative Institutional Training Institute (CITI) (i.e. Good Clinical Practice) to all Covenant Health staff, physicians and volunteers who require courses.  Many of these courses meet sponsor requirements and are accepted for clinical trial administration.  Learn more.