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Every year, the CHRC office compiles data to reflect operations using indicators, metrics and other information. Some excerpts of interest for the 2016/2017report are provided below.

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Comparable chart of research studies reviewed and approved at Covenant Health per fiscal year

This graph demonstrates the number of research studies reviewed and approved at Covenant Health over the past eight fiscal years.  This fiscal year, 121 studies were reviewed and approved, representing a noteworthy increase over the previous year.

The Grey Nuns Community Hospital hosted 90 studies, the Misericordia Community Hospital hosted 68 studies, and the Edmonton General Continuing Care Centre and Bonnyville Health Centre each hosted 12 studies. (Please note that these may include single-site or multi-site studies).

Covenant Health total research by strategic objectives 2017/2018

The data used here is as indicated by researchers and reflects their perspectives and understanding of the Covenant Health Strategic Plan and Directions.  It gives some indication of where the focus of most research completed at Covenant Health lies, and identifies opportunity in terms of actively seeking and/or developing research in those areas of strategic priority.

Covenant Health total research by focus 2017/2018

Researchers indicated that the bulk of research undertaken at Covenant Health is patient-centred (79 studies), followed by professional practice (20 studies) and innovation research (18 studies).  

Covenant Health total research by primary service area 2017/2018

The bulk of research involves acute (80 studies), rehab (12 studies), and both CC or DAL or AL and Sub-acute (7 studies) service areas.

Covenant Health research by therapeutic department 2017/2018

The top three therapeutic areas of focus for research at Covenant Health were: Medicine (25 studies), ICU, Surgery (20 studies), and Family Health and Geriatrics (13 studies each).

Covenant Health total research by primary study type 2017/2018

Of the 121 studies underway during this fiscal year, 66 percent were observational and 33 per cent were interventional (not indicated in this graph).

Most studies at Covenant Health were: clinical trials (39 studies), qualitative studies (35 studies), and prospective chart reviews (28 studies).