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CHRC Celebrates Covenant Research

Each year we celebrate international clinical trials day on May 20th to commemorate what was thought to be the first clinical trial done by James Lind in 1747 on scurvy. Sail away with James Lind.

The CHRC would like to highlight some of the innovative research projects conducted within Covenant facilities:


New Clinical Trials Unit at the Grey Nuns Hospital

Dr. Janek Senaratne

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Covenant Researcher wins Innovation Award

Dr. Laurie Hiemstra

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Improving Outcomes for Patients Who Wear Bone Conduction Hearing Aids Through Prescription and Verification

Dr. Bill Hodgetts

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Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Transform Coronary Artery Disease in Patient Care

Dr. Joon Lee

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Post-Discharge Remote Monitoring Using Smartwatches In Stroke: A Pilot Study

Dr. Jake Hayward

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Covenant Researchers

Christa Aubrey

Brian Buchanan

Denise Campbell-Scherer

Frances Carr

Sujata Chandra

Matthew Curran

D'Arcy Durand

Salwa El Malti

Ariane Fielding

Matthew Furey

Kate Greeff

Laurie Hiemstra

Chester Ho

William Hodgetts

Abbas Hyderi

Manoj Kumar

Allen Lim

Erika MacIntyre

Remegio Maglantay

Matthew Hicks

Susan Nahirniak

Jasneet Parmar

Jana Rieger

Daniel Schiller

Janek Senaratne

Shaalan (Jesse) Siffledeen

Ameeta Singh

Michael Stickland

Muba Taher

Joseph (Yuk) Ting

Juzer Tyebkhan

Michael van Manen

Adrian Wagg