Covenant Health

Patient/Resident & Family Engagement

Volunteer as a Patient/Resident & Family Partner

At Covenant Health, we work with Patient/Resident & Family Partners to gain insights on how to provide better patient and resident-centred care to those we serve. The goal of working together is to improve outcomes, ensure high-quality and safe care and support Covenant Health’s commitment to excellence. 

We value Patient/Resident & Family Partners, because:

  • they offer insights into what we do well and where improvements can be made;
  • they help us establish priorities and make improvements based on patient/resident and family needs, rather than professional assumptions; and
  • they bring fresh perspectives that can lead to solutions not yet considered. 

To become a Patient/Resident & Family Partner, please:

  • Contact us by email or phone to let us know you are interested.
  • We will schedule an interview to learn about you, your experience and the reasons why you are interested in becoming a partner.
  • After the interview, if the program is deemed a good fit, we will:
    • work with you to complete a vulnerable persons background check;
    • ask you to complete a confidentiality agreement;
    • identify the program, location, or opportunities you are most interested in;
    • make the introductions to the program or site leaders; and
    • provide you with all the support you need to be successful.

Your role as a Patient/Resident & Family Partner

As a Patient/Resident & Family Partner, your role is to be a general representative for patient, resident and family groups at committee meetings. Partners need to be comfortable speaking about their health care experiences—what was positive and what could have been done differently. We continually seek individuals with a variety of backgrounds, ages and experiences to represent on our committees.


We are currently seeking patient/resident & family partners to participate in Quality Councils across Covenant Health, to work with our leaders when conducting leadership rounds, as well as a number of other efforts to improve patient experience. Opportunities are available on a one-time, recurring or continual basis.

For more information, please email or call 780.735.2020.