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This week's reflection

This week's reflection

Teamwork begins by building trust. And the only way to do that is to overcome our need for invulnerability.

Patrick Lencioni

Misericordia outpatient services fully operational and back on site after flood

September 02, 2014


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The Endoscopy, Cytoscopy and Day Surgery units at the Misericordia Community Hospital are back in their respective units and working at full capacity, after a flood on July 5 caused them to be displaced into other areas of the hospital or other hospitals in the Edmonton Zone.

Each team is coming back to a newly renovated space, and are proud they were able to provide quality patient care throughout the renovation and their moves.

The restoration of the outpatient area was completed on time, in just eight weeks. Any patients that were affected have either been rebooked, or have been placed into the zone-wide booking system, ensuring that the highest priority patients are getting the care they need in the right place at the right time.

When the flooding occurred, staff jumped into action. Working with Alberta Health Services and the Grey Nuns Community Hospital, staff at the Misericordia were able to reestablish their care areas in different spaces by July 14-16.

Yolanda Lackie, Senior Director of Operations, Surgery, Ambulatory and Rehabilitation Medicine at the Misericordia Hospital says that stepping up to the challenge is something that staff do every day, and although the day of the flood posed an extra challenge, staff met it with energy and enthusiasm.

“It’s our duty to ensure patients get the care they need in a safe environment, in a timely manner. Our teams worked diligently to make that happen, collaborating with each other and across the system,” says Yolanda.

Janet Wass, Unit Supervisor on the affected Day Surgery unit agrees, proud of her team that helped sort through all of the damaged supplies and clean up the flooded unit, all while wearing head-to-toe proper protective equipment (PPE). “Staff met with adversity and rolled with it,” says Janet. Her team is working out of a small room, sharing patient beds with unit 5E. “The two teams are really supporting each other—our staff are so resilient.”

The endoscopy team had a huge transition to make after the flood—they were displaced and had to work out of two separate areas. The team moved to the University of Alberta’s endoscopy unit, ensuring their patients would get the care they need in a timely way. They also opened up a temporary room at the Misericordia in Diagnostic Imaging, to serve emergency walk-in patients and the hospital’s inpatient population that needed urgent care. Carol Babcock, Unit Supervisor, Ambulatory Services, helped staff organize the emergency walk-in clinic. “This was a big transition for staff, but it spoke to the nature of the team that they were positive, upbeat, and ready to go wherever they were needed.”  The seamless move was well planned, showcasing the successful collaboration between the two sites and Covenant Health and Alberta Health Services.

Lucy Christian, Operating Room Urology Charge Nurse, sees the collaboration that’s been in action since the Cystoscopy team has moved from the Misericordia to the Grey Nuns Community Hospital’s Cystoscopy unit. “We’ve done a lot of sharing between the teams, what we do the same, what we do different—we’ve all learnt a lot and we will be taking some ideas back with us,” says Lucy. She explains that the procedures are the same, but the space is different, so it’s been helpful to have the welcoming Grey Nuns staff available to help them find their way around. The team misses things they say they will no longer take for granted, like their lockers, and are excited to come back to the renovated space.

“Even during this challenging time, everyone involved worked to ensure quality care for those in need,” says Yolanda. “We are grateful for all of the hard work and collaboration and are excited to welcome our teams back.”

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