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This week's reflection

This week's reflection

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Covenant Health staffing changes focus on resident needs and sustainability

November 24, 2014

Edmonton—Covenant Health is changing how it delivers care at its three Edmonton area seniors’ facilities. The primary changes will be to the staff rotations of Licensed Practical Nurses, Health Care Aides and therapeutic staff. The goal in making the changes is to enhance resident care and ensure it is delivered in sustainable manner.

“I am confident our residents will benefit from the changes. There will be more staffing at times of the day when the resident care needs are higher, residents will have greater consistency in caregivers and there will be a greater opportunity to match caregiver skills to the residents’ needs. In terms of sustainability, these changes will ensure we operate with a balanced budget.”

Scott Baerg, Senior Operating Officer, Mental Health and Seniors Care for Edmonton, Covenant Health

The realignment will impact approximately 650 staff in all long-term care areas at the Edmonton General Continuing Care Centre and all care areas at St. Joseph’s Auxiliary Hospital and Youville Home. In the majority of cases, staff will have an opportunity to select into another position. Across the three sites, there will be a net reduction of 5 FTE nursing and therapeutic staff.

“We will continue to work closely with our unions to minimize impact on our staff. Our care communities will go through a period of change, and we are committed to supporting residents, families and staff through the transition to a stronger and more sustainable model.”

Scott Baerg

Covenant Health is committed to continuous improvement; these changes will be monitored and feedback will continue to be sought from staff, residents and families on an ongoing basis.



  • Edmonton General Continuing Care Centre – 449 long-term care residents
  • St. Joseph’s Auxiliary Hospital – 202 residents
  • Youville Home, St. Albert – 227 residents

The changes in staff rotations continue to meet legislated hours of care and better support resident care by ensuring:

  • More even staffing throughout the day, including meal times
  • Greater consistency in caregivers
  • Greater capacity and flexibility to meet residents’ changing needs

Staff impact

  • Total of 657 staff affected across three sites

Edmonton General Continuing Care Centre

  326 staff

St. Joseph’s Auxiliary Hospital

  157 staff

Youville Home

  174 staff

  • Majority of staff will have the opportunity to select into another position
  • Net reduction of 5 positions across three sites


$1.4 million cost reduction ensures balanced budget within continuing care moving forward.

Rayne Kuntz, Media Relations Senior Advisor, Covenant Health


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