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This week's reflection

This week's reflection

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Grey Nuns is saving newborn's lives with app

January 29, 2015

Grey Nuns is saving newborn's lives with app

Sandra Brayer, a nurse on the postpartum unit at the Grey Nuns Community Hospital, finishes screening newborn Huxley Sheppard for congenital heart defects with a new app called Eve, which makes the screening process more accurate and easier for caregivers. The Grey Nuns is the first hospital in the world to use this new application, and began screening all newborns, not just those at risk, for congenital heart defects in November. In December, the hospital screened around 600 babies. New parents Becky and James can be at ease, knowing that their little Huxley is safe to take home.

Taking a newborn home can be daunting for new parents, but a newly implemented type of testing can put them more at ease that their baby is healthy and safe when they leave the hospital.

Early in November, the Grey Nuns Community and Misericordia Community Hospitals in Edmonton began screening each newborn for congenital heart defects by monitoring their oxygen saturation. In the past, only newborns deemed at-risk would be tested.

According to the Children’s Heart Foundation, each year, over 1,000,000 babies are born worldwide with a congenital heart defect. 100,000 of them will not live to see their first birthday.

By using technology from Masimo, a medical device company that develops and manufactures non-invasive patient monitoring technologies, staff at the Grey Nuns were able to routinely screen all newborns on the post-partum unit, identifying infants that may need further testing. In December, the Grey Nuns staff screened around 600 new babies.

Since the hospital was early in their implementation, Masimo approached the Grey Nuns to be the first hospital to use their newborn screening application Eve, previously only used in clinical studies. Eve is an application which is installed on the existing screening technology and reduces human error with device-guided instruction. Each of the screening steps has animated instruction—like where to place the sensors on the infant—and includes a screening result. The application also provides notification to the caregiver when the reading isn’t being taken correctly due to an infant’s movement or placement of the sensors. This new process leads to safer babies and can put new parents at ease.