Unit 2A: Transition

Unit 2A is a 30-bed geriatric psychiatry transitional unit. Patients from any of the four acute care units at Villa Caritas who meet the criteria of alternative level of care (ALC) are transferred to this unit, as they no longer require acute services. The unit’s focus is to reintegrate the patient back to the most suitable community living environment where they will continue to maintain their optimum level of functioning and independence with follow-up and supports. Unit 2A is not a long-term placement.

This program includes:

  • Admission and treatment services
  • Access to physicians and other medical professionals
  • Clinical expertise in psychiatric treatment within the interdisciplinary framework
  • Intensive acute treatment
  • Crisis and risk management oriented services
  • Inclusion of patient and family defined circle of support
  • Spiritual and culturally diverse care and treatment planning
  • Safe and secure treatment environment
  • Collaboration with other health care sectors
  • Non-smoking environment with access to nicotine replacement therapy

Admission criteria

  • Acute psychiatric symptoms and/or moderate to severe behavioural difficulties which significantly compromise their physical and/or mental well-being.
  • Patients must be medically stable. Medical needs must be manageable on an acute psychiatric unit without access to urgent on-site medical support.
  • Age is not a specific admission criterion. Each referral is evaluated by the Villa Caritas Physician Group for geriatric syndromes that require a specialized environment.
  • A patient can be admitted as an informal (voluntary) or formal (involuntary) patient.
  • Formal patients must meet the following criteria to be admitted under the Alberta Mental Health Act:
    • The patient is suffering from a mental disorder
    • They are likely to cause harm to self or others, or suffer substantial mental or physical deterioration or serious physical impairment
    • They are unsuitable for admission to a facility other than as a formal patient
    • The geographical area served includes the Edmonton Zone and Northern Alberta including some referrals from the NWT and Nunavut.


A professional referral is required. Inpatient referrals can be phoned in or faxed to the Medical Director’s Office:
Phone: 780.342.6552  
Fax: 780.342.6579

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