Spiritual Care

Chaplains offer a compassionate and supportive presence to patients and loved ones in times of stress, transition and loss. We promote wholeness and the well-being of patients, residents, families and staff. Chaplains are integrated members of the healthcare team, utilizing a holistic and relational approach. We can help you draw upon your own sources of strength and wisdom in your healing process. Chaplains promote human diversity and inclusion. We honour and respect your unique journey, integrating your cultural, philosophical, religious and spiritual traditions.

Spiritual Care supports people who are:

  • Experiencing spiritual, emotional or existential distress related to changes in health, ability and life circumstances
  • Struggling with meaning in life and death
  • Reflecting on meaning and purpose in life
  • Wrestling with experiences of loss, self-worth, hospitalization or isolation
  • Grieving the death of a loved one
  • Coming to terms with bad news or with a future which has become more uncertain
  • Finding it difficult to cope
  • Wishing to explore their understanding of God/Divine
  • Family members experiencing stress
  • Seeking support in ethical decision-making

Chaplains may be involved with:

  • Crisis situations or trauma
  • Experiences of loss (such as death, pregnancy loss, loss of functionality)
  • New diagnoses or exacerbation of chronic illnesses
  • End-of-life support, ceremony or ritual
  • Requests for prayer, communion/sacraments or visits from various faith leaders
  • Staff support
  • Resources related to funerals and bereavement support
  • Seasonal worship services
  • Scheduled memorial services
  • Facilitating quiet space for reflection or prayer in the chapel


Daily, 8:00 a.m. - 4:15 p.m.

After-hours services can be provided in emergency situations by calling switchboard at 780-735-2000. Ask for the on-call chaplain.


Main Floor, South East Wing
Misericordia Community Hospital
16940 – 87 Ave
Edmonton, AB T5R 4H5

Phone: 780.735.2626

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