Physical Therapy (inpatient)

The Physical Therapy department serves all inpatient units in the hospital.

The goal of the team is to optimize the recovery of hospitalized patients during the acute phase of their illness, injury or surgery, and to assist with a safe and timely discharge. More specifically, physical therapists can:

  • Assess current functional abilities, focusing on:
    • Bed mobility (your ability to move around in bed)
    • Transfers (the ability to move your body from one surface or position to another)
    • Walking
    • Balance and fall risk assessment
  • Develop a treatment plan to reach functional ability goals necessary for discharge. This can include a strengthening exercise program, a daily walking program and/or a balance exercise program.
  • Assess the need for assistive devices upon discharge (such as a cane or walker) and provide referral for temporary equipment loans.
  • Assess the need for home care supports, such as physical therapy and equipment
  • Assess the need for community physical therapy follow-up
  • Assist with referral process for various community programs that aim to improve strength, function and/or balance

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