Occupational Therapy (inpatient)

The Occupational Therapy department provides coverage to all inpatient units.

Occupational Therapy focuses on the skills, available support systems and equipment/aids necessary to perform activities of daily living. As part of the interdisciplinary team, Occupational Therapy works to address any barriers to a safe return to the community from the hospital due to a change in the patient’s functional level. Occupational Therapy plays a key role with discharge planning, support systems and equipment recommendations/provision.

Areas of assessment and intervention focus include:

  • Basic activities of daily living (such as grooming, dressing, toileting, feeding and bathing)
  • Instrumental activities of daily living (such as meal preparation, transportation and housekeeping)
  • Cognitive assessments
  • Skin and wound management
  • Fitting of Philadelphia Collars
  • Splinting
  • Upper and lower extremity exercise programs

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