Due to Covid-19 and restrictions put in place by the provincial government, all in-person prenatal classes and hospital tours at the Misericordia Community Hospital have been cancelled until further notice.   

What Are My Options?

There are many prenatal class options in YEG and surrounding areas to be found through a Google search, but two that we recommend are:

Alberta Health Services - Offers virtual prenatal/breastfeeding classes.  Phone 780-413-7980 for more info.  If you are experiencing financial difficulty, AHS may waive up to the entire fee.

Edmonton Southside Primary Care Network (PCN) - Offers both Early Pregnancy and 20+ Week prenatal classes virtually.  Call 780-395-2626 for more info.

On the right side of your screen for free download, you will find links to the following:

  1. Having your Baby the Misericordia Hospital brochure
  2. Misericordia Hospital virtual tour
  3. Getting Breastfeeding off to a Great Start brochure

Alberta Health Services also has some great websites on pregnancy, newborns, and early childhood:

Birth and Babies

Healthy Parents Healthy Children Facebook Page

Healthy Parents Healthy Children Website - Has free, downloadable eBooks about having your baby in Alberta

What Covid-19 Protocols Are In Place For When I Deliver?

Protocols can change daily, and vary from unit to unit.  The ones for the Labour & Delivery and Postpartum Units will be gone over with you after you are admitted, but if you have questions ahead of time, they can be directed to: 

Labour & Delivery: 780-735-2764                                                                                      3 East (Postpartum): 780-735-2739                                                                             

Questions can also be sent via Email to the prenatal booking clerk at Katrina.Pederson@covenanthealth.ca. 

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