The Misericordia Community Hospital no longer offers prenatal classes.  Prenatal classes are now ran through Alberta Health Services (AHS), who offers both in-person and virtual options.  Classes are $80, but AHS will reduce or waive the fee if you are in financial difficulty.  

For more information and to register for a prenatal class, phone 780-413-7980 or book online by clicking here.

On this page for free download for information about our hospital, you will find links to the following brochures, which are regularly updated.  A virtual hospital tour will be added soon as well.

  1. Having Your Baby at the Misericordia Hospital 
  2. Getting Breastfeeding off to a Great Start 
  3. Taking Care of Yourself and Your Newborn Baby

Alberta Health Services also has some great websites on pregnancy, newborns, and early childhood:

Birth and Babies

Healthy Parents Healthy Children Facebook Page

Healthy Parents Healthy Children Website - Has free, downloadable eBooks about having your baby in Alberta

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What Covid protocols are still in place? 

You will be screened for Covid symptoms upon entering the hospital.  Masks must be worn at all times.  Any other protocols in place will be gone over with you upon admission.

2. Can I pre-register prior to coming to the hospital? 

No, registration must be done in person upon arriving at the hospital.

3. Can I get a private room or theme room after I deliver? 

This option is not available at the present time; the private and theme rooms are being used solely for patients presenting with Covid-like symptoms.  If a patient is symptom-free, they will be placed into a semi-private room after delivery.  If the semi-private rooms are all full, then, by default, the patient will be placed into a private room or theme room with no charge to them.

If you have additional questions or any concerns, phone one of the numbers below, which are answered 24 hours a day:

Labour & Delivery: 780-735-2764                                                                                      3 East (Postpartum): 780-735-2739                                                                             

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