Zoom support

We are offering virtual classes through the ZOOM. Here are some documents that may help you with this platform.

Preparing for your virtual session

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your Zoom session.

  • PLEASE ENSURE YOU HAVE TWO METHODS OF IDENTIFICATION READY AT THE BEGINNING OF THE INITIAL SESSION. This may be as simple as spelling your name, providing your date of birth, or showing your AHS card.  We require patient verification of ID prior to beginning the session.
  • Check in 15-30 minutes before your session as it is a group session
  • If possible, use a portable device for your class. When you are laying on the floor or bed it would be helpful if you can adjust the camera to allow the instructor to see you doing the exercises. 
  • Have your exercise space and equipment ready to go when starting the session
  • Find a quiet, private space without interruptions or background noise
  • Have a plain background – avoid backlight from bright windows, have good lighting. Please do not turn on a “virtual background.”
  • When you sign in, you will be admitted to a “waiting room.” The instructor/host will admit you to the session.
  • You will be in a group with other participants. We ask that you enable “share video” so we can see you during the session. This allows us to watch you do exercises and correct your technique. 
  • You may be muted at the beginning of the session. Your instructor will review the meeting controls with you, and show you the “raise hand” and “chat” buttons. This information is also on your patient information for virtual care sheet.
  • During the session you will be unmuted for questions, or you can use the chat function. Please stay on mute if you are not speaking.
  • Your comments and chats will be visible to other class members. Please maintain privacy and confidentiality of the group members.
  • No audio or video recording of the sessions is permitted.

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