Week one resources

Please review the following materials before your first week of Healing Connections.

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Equipment & materials

You will need the following equipment on the day of class:

  • Floor or bed space where you can lay down to exercise
    • Yoga mat
    • You can use your bed if it isn’t safe for you to exercise on the floor
  • Wall space (wall free of clutter and obstructions)
  • One or two pillows
  • Two hand towels
  • Chair
  • Have a cell phone within easy reach for use in case of emergency

Safety considerations

  • If you have any change in your condition, with pain, unsteadiness, feeling unwell, do not continue with your exercises. Seek medical help if needed.
  • Have a plan if problems arise during the session and have a phone close by. If possible, be able to contact another household member. Please alert your instructor if problems arise and you are alone and call 911.
  • If you are unable to perform the exercises or are experiencing any challenges with the exercises, do not perform them before seeking guidance from the physiotherapist.




Occupational therapy

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