Healing Connections

Healing Connections Post-Surgical Breast Cancer Program is a virtual group program from Covenant Health for anyone who has had breast cancer surgery within the Edmonton Zone.

The program covers a range of emotional, social, nutritional and physical health topics. The sessions are led by dietitians, physical therapists and occupational therapists. You can choose sessions that will best support you through your breast cancer journey and work with your schedule. We also offer a drop-in peer support group.

These sessions complement the booklet Your Journey Through Breast Cancer Surgery. Each session has an education component and a question-and-answer section. We also provide information about community resources and supports.

We offer the program through an online meeting platform called Zoom. You will receive Zoom invites that allow you to phone into a session or join using your computer. For physical therapy sessions, you will need to use a computer that has a microphone and webcam.

Session schedule

12:30 - 1:00 p.m. Zoom check-in and registration. Please be online at 12:30 p.m.
1:00 - 2:00 p.m. Topic presentation, including Q&A time


Nutrition (Tuesdays)

  • Join our registered dietitian for a review of the importance of healthy eating after breast cancer surgery. You will receive specific nutrition guidelines to help you with healing. You will also learn about the nutrition-related side effects of cancer treatment. You will have a chance to ask questions and discuss common cancer myths related to food choices.
  • Visit Nutrition resources for more information on topics covered in this session. 

Physical therapy (Wednesdays)

  • Join our physical therapists for an exercise session that includes active participation and feedback. All exercises follow the Your Journey through Breast Cancer Surgery booklet.
    • Level 1: This session reviews information on regaining shoulder movement after surgery and how to safely stretch and exercise at home. Other topics include proper posture and how to massage a scar.
    • Level 2: This session builds on the stretching exercises from session 1. There is also a demonstration of strengthening exercises.
  • Visit Physical therapy resources for more information on topics covered in this session. 

Occupational therapy (Thursdays)

  • Join our occupational therapist to learn about lymphedema, energy conservation techniques and mental/emotional health. Topics include lymphedema management, cancer-related fatigue, body image, sexual health, depression and anxiety.
  • Visit Occupational therapy resources for more information on topics covered in this session.


Anyone who is having breast cancer surgery in the Edmonton Zone can self-register for the program. You must be a resident of Alberta and be in the province when attending.

You can choose to register for one, two, three or all four sessions, based on what you feel would be most helpful to you. You have four weeks to complete your session(s).

You can register before your surgery, but you cannot start the program until one week after your surgery.

To register:

  • Call 780.735.2757
  • Be prepared to provide your:
    • provincial health number
    • email address
    • choice of sessions

Once you register for a session, you will receive two emails:

  • Email #1: Participant preparation. This email has information on how to access Zoom, Zoom settings and Zoom support resources. If you still have questions, or if any issues arise on the day of the session, call 780.735.2757 or visit Zoom support resources.
  • Email #2: Zoom meeting invites

Session preparation

Before you start your sessions, make sure you can use a computer that has a microphone and webcam. Anything else you need to do to prepare for the sessions will be outlined in email #1 Participant preparation.

Contact us

Phone: 780.735.2757
Fax: 780.735.2621

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