Surgery & Anesthesia

The Bonnyville Health Centre Surgery Program offers orthopedic, general, dental, gynecological and obstetrical surgeries. The operating room boasts 100% compliance with the World Health Organization Safe Surgery Checklist.

Some of the surgeries offered in Bonnyville include:

  • Orthopedic surgeries (trauma fractures, foot surgery, tendon repair, ACL repair, shoulder rotator cuff repair, knee arthroscopy) 
  • General surgeries (gall bladder removal, hernia repair, breast biopsy, hemorrhoids)
  • Obstetrical (cesarean sections)
  • Gynecological (hysteroscopy with ablation, abdominal hysterectomy, dilation & curettage, ovarian cysts, diagnostic procedures, tubal occlusions)
  • Dental (extractions, rehabilitation)

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