Long-term care: Resident information

Advance care directives (living will)

Advance Care Planning is a process that helps you to:

  • Think about what is important to you when making choices about future healthcare
  • Learn about medical information that is important to your health concerns
  • Choose someone to speak on your behalf if you become unable
  • Tell your agent/representative and loved ones about your wishes and what is important to you
  • Write down your wishes so your family and healthcare providers are aware

In Alberta, a personal directive is a legal document that will let you choose an agent(s) to make decisions for you about any personal matter and not just in healthcare or end-of-life situations. It includes decisions about:

  • Healthcare
  • Where you will live or stay
  • Who you may live and be involved with
  • Non-financial legal matters (such as giving consent for the release of your medical records)
  • Any other personal matter

Your personal directive becomes a legal document once it is signed, dated, and witnessed with or without the assistance of a lawyer.

For resources, links, and workbooks that relate to Advance Care Planning:http://www.albertahealthservices.ca/services.asp?pid=service&rid=1023351

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