Admission & discharge


Patients are registered at the patient registration & health information desk near the main entrance of the hospital. Your health care card and photo identification are required for registration. 


Your care team works with you from the time you are admitted to when you are preparing for discharge. Various members of the team will ensure you are ready for discharge.

Upon discharge, the nursing staff will complete a discharge summary for you to give to the patient registration & health information department on your way out. Any costs incurred during your stay should be paid before you leave.

Ambulance transfer

The cost of ambulance transport from the pickup site to the hospital is the responsibility of the patient. If you need to be transferred to another hospital as an inpatient of the Banff Mineral Springs Hospital, the ambulance cost is covered by the hospital for Canadian patients only.

If you come to emergency and require treatment that we do not offer, the ambulance cost is covered by the health region for patients with valid Alberta Health Care insurance coverage. Residents of other provinces and non-Canadian patients will be responsible for the cost of the ambulance transfer. Some insurance policies cover these expenses—please check your policy.

Community care

Community care provides health and support services in the community. Community care can help make the transition from hospital to home easier and may be initiated by you or the nurses before you leave the hospital.

Payment for treatment

When you are discharged from the hospital, you are expected to report to the patient registration & health information desk before you leave. There may be charges for items such as TV rental, medical appliances/services, doctors’ fees and ambulance or helicopter services.

Canadians are covered by provincial health care insurance for most hospital visits, day and in-patient surgeries. Valid healthcare must be presented.

Non-Canadians are expected to pay before leaving and may recover expenses through their travel insurance company at a later date as per their insurance policy.

Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Interact are acceptable forms of payment.

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