Ethics & Discernment
Ethics Retreats
Ethics Retreats

In a bid to deepen ethical capacity and equip ethics committee members with resources to aid in making ethical decisions, the Covenant Health Ethics & Discernment  Centre engages in various retreats/education sessions. Below are resources from past retreats.

2020 Retreats

Virtual Ethics Retreat 2020

The Covenant Health Ethics & Discernment Centre Spring Retreat took place on-line on Thursday June 18th, 2020

Theme - "COVID-19 Ethical challenges, responses, innovations and worries"
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Lessons COVID-19 has taught me
Kris Gray - Reflection

Leading Change When Change is Leading You
Cecilia Marion 

COVID and Palliative Care
Sandy Ayre

Competing Obligations
Joy Hurst

Socially Isolating the Socially Isolated: The effects of COVID–19 on the mental health population
Katrina Damer

Visitor Restrictions and Ethical Issues During COVID-19 - The Hospice Experience
Kelly Dunn & Pansy Angevine

Ethical reflection on visitor restrictions
Dr. Gordon Self

2019 Retreats

Ethics Fall Retreat 2019

The Covenant Health Ethics & Discernment Centre Fall Retreat took place on Thursday November 14, 2019 at Woodvale Community League

Theme: "Ethics and Addictions"
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Trauma Informed Care, Addictions, and Decision-making
Dr. Mat Rose

Addictive Drugs – A Brief Summary
Lora Maygard

Understanding Addiction: Concepts and Misconceptions
Scott Stewart, MSW RSW

Ideas in Addiction Ethics
Dr. Eleanor Stewart

Harm Reduction
Jennifer McLaren


Ethics Winter Retreat 2019

The Covenant Health Ethics & Discernment Centre Winter Retreat took place on Thursday January 10, 2019 at Snow Valley Ski Club

Theme: "Peer Support"
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Read, Affirm and Share the Charter
Gordon Self - Reflection

Peer Support - who's the boss?
Pam Spurvey

Moral Distress & Self Care Plan
Candace Yung & Dr. Eleanor Stewart

That Indelible Stain - Discussing Social Stigma, Prejudice and Discrimination
Scott Stewart, MSW RSW