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This week's reflection

This week's reflection

Fortunately, just as fear can be infectious, so hope is infectious. When individuals and families and communities, or even nations, come together around new found hope... that new momentum can be unstoppable. The smile replaces the frown. Conversation replaces silence. Fear of the future is replaced by confidence to respond to its challenges.

Chinua Achebe

Senior Leadership

Linda Chow-Turner

Senior Operating Officer, Seniors Care and Environmental Supports

Linda is the Senior Operating Officer for Seniors’ Care and Environmental Supports. She is the executive lead for Covenant’s Seniors Strategy and creation of an innovation strategy and system for the organization. In addition, Linda is responsible for Clinical Nutrition and Food services, Environmental Services, Laundry and Linen services, Emergency and Disaster Management, Protective Services and Parking across Covenant Health.

Linda has over 20 years of experience of leading in healthcare and driving integration of services to support quality care and service. Most recently, she provided senior leadership support to Covenant Care, a new non-profit partner in supportive living, hospice, and long-term care in Alberta's integrated health system.

Linda brings solid business acumen and a love for innovation to her role as Senior Operating Officer. She is passionate about connecting and empowering people and building engaged communities both professionally and personally. Early in her career, she worked as a district home economist supporting families and farmers in rural Alberta. As a registered dietitian, Linda has counseled clients, facilitated workshops and consulted with international businesses. Linda has been an active board member on a number of not-for-profit organizations serving children, adults and seniors. She currently serves as a Board President for Edmonton Meals on Wheels and is active in her community league.

Linda is committed to lifelong learning and her education includes an MBA, administrative dietetic internship and a BSc with a focus on nutrition.