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This week's reflection

This week's reflection

Fortunately, just as fear can be infectious, so hope is infectious. When individuals and families and communities, or even nations, come together around new found hope... that new momentum can be unstoppable. The smile replaces the frown. Conversation replaces silence. Fear of the future is replaced by confidence to respond to its challenges.

Chinua Achebe

Senior Leadership

Jan Schimpf

Senior Operating Officer, Acute Services, Misericordia Community Hospital

Jan graduated from the Royal Alexandra School of Nursing and holds a bachelor of science degree in nursing. She has held a number of leadership roles in health care during her 39-plus year career as a registered nurse, educator and healthcare administrator. Over the past nine years, Jan has led the Misericordia Community Hospital as site administrator. She brings a wealth of clinical and operational experience to her current role, having served as acting vice-president, acting associate vice-president and manager of intensive care/cardiac care at the Misericordia Community Hospital over a seventeen-year period.

A consummate educator and team builder, Jan is committed to using her strong strategic planning, problem-solving and mentorship skills to provide quality, compassionate care and be of greater service to the community. Jan is a strong believer of continuous learning and is currently a member of the American College of Healthcare Executives.