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Compensation Disclosure: Public Sector Compensation Transparency Act

Covenant Health is committed to practicing wise stewardship and sharing information about how we use resources entrusted to us. We disclose compensation for employees receiving compensation over an established threshold of compensation as outlined in the Public Sector Compensation Transparency Act. In 2016, the threshold was $126,375, and in 2015 it was $125,000. The 2016 information is visible, click the tab to view the 2015 information.

The compensation information released is total annual compensation, which includes base salary, overtime, shift premiums, weekend premiums, on-call pay, sick pay, vacation pay, benefits and severance.

The 2016 Covenant Health disclosure list includes approximately 1.6 per cent of Covenant Health staff (190 employees). About 49 percent of the group is unionized staff, including registered nurses, technicians, psychologists, pharmacists, and others. 51 percent are non-union staff, including senior leaders and managers.

Covenant Health regularly posts salaries and expenses of the Covenant Health executive team on the external website. Total severance information is disclosed as part of our annual audited financial statements.


Compensation: Income plus taxable benefits paid to a member or employee. Excludes severance.
Other (non-monetary benefits): If 2016 total compensation is $126,375 or more annually, non-taxable benefits, including the public sector body’s share of pension, dental and health spending accounts and other benefits must also be disclosed.
Severance: Includes payments when employment or member’s appointment ends or retiring allowance.
Attachments (when required): An employment contract or severance agreement for employees who receive over $126,375 annually in compensation and/or severance. Links open as PDF files.

Statement of Remuneration

Covenant Health’s 2015 Statement of Remuneration was modified on June 7, 2017 to adjust the severance compensation of an employee.

This page was last modified on June 27, 2017 to include the 2016 compensation disclosure.

All compensation disclosure data (csv)


For inquiries related to this disclosure, including information about the exemption process, please contact Shannon Foster, Classification & Compensation Analyst.