Covenant Health

Covenant Health & NADC – Joint Bursary Partnership Program

Covenant Health’s Bonnyville Health Centre is proud to partner with the Northern Alberta Development Council (NADC) to provide a bursary opportunity to Registered Nursing students entering the final year of their program. 

This bursary provides the opportunity to not only fund your final year of education up to $6,000.00, but also provides additional opportunities for new graduates to work in a facility residing in a community that falls within the Canada Student Loan Forgiveness Program.

The Bonnyville Health Centre, located in Bonnyville, AB, is a major service provider to more than 10,000 people.  This acute care facility offers programs such as; 24-hour Emergency, Day Surgery, Acute Care, Ambulatory Care, and more.  Click here to read more about the community and facility.

Successful applicants must be able to sign separate Return of Service Agreements from both Covenant Health and the NADC. To satisfy the terms of both Agreements, students will be required to obtain a position at the Bonnyville Health Centre.

If you are interested in pursuing employment in Northern Alberta and meet the eligibility criteria, we encourage you to apply!

Covenant Health Criteria and Conditions

Students must be enrolled in an approved Registered Nursing program at an accredited post-secondary institution.  This bursary opportunity is intended to support Registered Nursing students entering the last year of their nursing program.

Applicants must not be current employees of Covenant Health.

How to apply

  • Please note that the NADC Bursary Partnership Program Student application window for 2019/2020 has now closed.

Important: Recipients of this bursary are obligated to obtain a position with Covenant Health at the Bonnyville Health Centre that meets the terms of the Return of Service Agreement. Neither Covenant Health nor the NADC are required to find or hold a position on behalf of bursary recipients. Receipt of this award is not an offer of employment.

 Successful applicants:

  • Will be contacted via e-mail before mid-November.
  • Will be asked to complete and sign a Covenant Health Return for Service Agreement.
  • Need to meet the eligibility requirements (listed above and on the application form) to be eligible for the Covenant Health portion of the bursary.
  • Must submit the following documents by mail to Talent Acquisition:
    • A copy of the confirmation e-mail received,
    • Original, signed Bursary Partnerships Program Student Application,
    • Original, signed Covenant Health Return Service Agreement.

Successful applicants agree to have their personal information shared between Covenant Health, the NADC and Alberta Advanced Education.

The NADC shares required information with the Alberta Advanced Education to complete their eligibility review.

If deemed eligible, Alberta Advanced Education provides the successful candidates the NADC Return for Service agreement.

Covenant Health and Alberta Advanced Education will issue separate payments to recipients after the NADC Return for Service Agreement has been signed and received, and program enrollment has been confirmed.

The amount of support and required Return Service Agreement are subject to change if the student’s eligibility changes at any time before this service commences. This may require the student to sign a new agreement with Covenant Health and/or the NADC. 

Return for Service Agreement

Successful applicants will receive two Return for Service Agreements: one for Covenant Health and one for the NADC (via Alberta Advanced Education).

Each agreement will require one month (or the equivalent number of hours) of Return of Service for each $500 of total bursary support (i.e., if your total bursary amount is $3,000, then a successful candidate would need to return six (6) months full-time work or equivalent part-time or casual hours). The Return for Service Agreements for the Covenant Health & NADC Joint Bursary Partnership program is served concurrently, but consecutive to any other Return for Service Agreements with Covenant Health or the NADC.

Recipients who do not meet the terms within the Return for Service Agreements will be required to repay the bursary (or bursaries) as explained in the agreements.