Consolidation of obstetrical, and plastic and vascular surgery programs in the Bow Valley Corridor

December 11, 2012

In 2011, a Community & Rural Health plan was created to provide direction for community and rural health planning in the Bow Valley, including obstetrical services.  This included the engagement of more than 80 community members in both Banff and Canmore who contributed to the development in early 2012 of a three-year service plan for the area.   A key recommendation in the plan highlights the need to further consolidate services between the Canmore General Hospital and the Banff Mineral Springs Hospital.

Based on the recommendations in the planning  framework,  Alberta Health Services and Covenant Health will move forward in consolidating obstetrics services in the Bow Valley to the Canmore Hospital and vascular and plastic surgery to the Banff Mineral Springs Hospital next  March. We will provide further updates on our plan and progress in early 2013.

A specialty clinic for low-risk births recently opened in Canmore and, since then, Canmore has been delivering the majority of babies born in the Bow Valley.  By relocating all obstetrical services to Canmore, staff and physicians are able to use their specialized skills more often with an increased number of deliveries, which is vital for patient quality, safety, staffing and sustainability.

A number of programs and services in the Bow Valley have already been combined, based on planning that goes back to 1995, creating centres of specialty at each site that provide the best care available to our patients. 

At the same time, in order to achieve a balance of services within the Bow Valley, the plastic surgery and vascular surgery programs will be consolidated to the Mineral Springs Hospital in Banff, which will capitalize on the strong surgical program already located there.  These moves will ensure operating room staff at each site remain in place and are provided with an environment to work to their full skill sets, creating an optimal environment for patient care. There are no other changes to these programs and services.

Alberta Health Services and Covenant Health want to provide timely information about these transitions. It is important to us that the people we serve have the opportunity to ask questions. 

We invite you learn more about our plans and would like to hear from you at the number and email below:

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Supplementary Materials:

Community and Rural Health Planning – A Picture of Health – 3 Year Service Plan – Bow Valley Corridor (Banff and Canmore)August 2012.pdf


Community and Rural Health Planning – Bow Valley Corridor (Banff and Canmore) Supplementary Document of Appendices, August 2012.pdf

Consolidation of obstetrical, and plastic and vascular surgery programs in the Bow Valley Corridor - Questions & Answers_Februay 12_2013.pdf


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