Board Chair Statement on Executive Expenses

November 21, 2012

Board of Directors 

Albertans invest a great deal in their health care system each year and, as a significant provider in that system, Covenant Health understands how critical it is to use those resources wisely in meeting their health care needs. 

As the Board of Covenant Health, we are accountable for the dollars we have been entrusted with. Covenant Health consistently maintains a balanced budget while exceeding the service activity set out in our Cooperation and Services Agreement with Alberta Health Services. We have a clear and transparent expense policy that all executive members are expected to follow. 

We support the new, enhanced processes the Government of Alberta announced this fall. A new Covenant Health policy fully aligned with the Government policy will be reviewed at our Board meeting next month. We will implement the new policy and procedures as quickly as possible. 

Our current policy allows reimbursement for business expenses and travel incurred for the benefit of Covenant Health. The policy sets out processes to ensure appropriate approvals and oversight. Executive are expected to apply the principles of reasonableness and appropriateness. 

We take seriously our responsibilities as stewards. Covenant Health President and CEO expenses have been reviewed by the Board Chair and all executive expenses have been reviewed by the President and CEO, or his designate when he is not available, for compliance with policy before approval. 

Our current policy does not exclude alcohol as an allowable expense. That will change under the new policy. Senior Executive are aware of the coming changes to allowable expenses and will follow these guidelines. 

Covenant Health will be making information on executive expense and travel expenses available to the public. We are working closely with Alberta Health Services, our provider of our Information Technology services, to implement this over the coming months. 

We value the opinion of the people we serve. In keeping with our values of integrity and stewardship and informed by our ethical traditions, Covenant Health is committed to building public trust and ongoing reflection on ethical practices. 

Given the evolving nature of health care, we are accustomed to continually reviewing our policies as new information, evidence, or collective learning comes to light. This includes adopting both clinical and administrative best practices. We recognize that travel is an essential aspect of being a provincial organization and that hospitality is key to building relationships in providing service to Albertans. Therefore, in keeping with the spirit of continuous quality learning, we commit to regularly review our activity to ensure we make the best use of our resources. 

Our Board of Directors has complete confidence in the financial stewardship of our senior leaders, who are committed to living the values and mission of our organization every day. 

We look forward to continuing to demonstrate our accountability and good stewardship to Albertans. 


W. John Brennan 

Chair, Board of Directors


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