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This week's reflection

This week's reflection

The world connects not by molecules. It connects through ideas, hopes, faces, dreams, actions, stories and memories.

Barrie Sanford Greiff

Seniors' Forum November 2014

The Network’s second annual forum, What’s Stopping Us? Innovating for Seniors’ Health and Wellness, was held in Red Deer November 27 and featured a wide-ranging discussion from multiple stakeholder groups, all focused on community-based approaches to seniors’ health and wellness. Access the full report here

What we heard:

  • Work with seniors as partners: involve them in determining priorities, designing programs, identifying needs and opportunities in their communities.
  • Provide seniors with information necessary to navigate the system, to access resources when needed, to find support, etc.
  • Support family caregivers: Family caregivers are critical to the system; if not adequately supported, it leaves the system vulnerable.
  • Consider alternative models for provision of care to seniors in the community. Could include consideration of system navigators to support seniors; more integrated and seamless bridging services; alternative housing/transportation options.
  • Reframe how we talk about seniors -  the vast majority of whom are healthy, contributing members of society.
  • Create a “dashboard” to monitor how Alberta seniors are doing in health; mental, physical and social well being.

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